Xavier Poms’ First Competition

Kathleen Kenney, A&E Writer

“The goal was to dance as one team and to look like one person,” senior Brie Baldus said.

This goal has always been apart of the Xavier High School Poms team during Baldus’ high school career, and it continues as the Poms begin their 2016-2017 competitive season.

The Xavier Poms team competed in their first competition on Saturday, October 29. The Competition, Stack the Stands, was held at Prairie High School. The team, which consists of 13 students, participated in the categories Pom and Jazz. They did so under the direction of Coach Kellie Breitbach. Six students were entered in as soloists as well: junior Mary Tallet, senior Anna Weih, senior Jordyn Boge, Baldus, freshman Taylor Coester, and sophomore Cassidy Erner. The team got second place in the 4A category at the competition.

“We could all tell when we got done dancing that if felt amazing,” Baldus said. The Poms have been practicing since June and practice three days a week for two hours.

“Every year, the dance team gets better, and I think this year we will continue that,”

Erner said. “We’ve put a ton of work in this year, and it will definitely pay off.”

Despite having already competed, the Xavier Poms team is not quite done with the competition.

“We always, during the next practice, have a film day and watch ourselves and the team that got first, and see where we could get better and, if needed, we change parts to make it look better,” Baldus said. “We also listen to or read the judges’ comments on our dance and talk about them and see how to fix them,” Baldus said.

The Xavier Poms team will continue to follow their goal to dance as one as they move through their season.

“We will only go up from here,” Erner said. The Xavier High School Poms team’s next competition will be on November 12 in Noxville, IA.