Back to School: A Dog’s Point of View

Back to School: A Dog’s Point of View

Sylvia Clubb, A&E Writer

What is going on? What is that awful, screeching noise coming from my human’s room!? Are… ARE THEY ALIVE??? I better go check. Thank dog, they’re okay. Why are they out of bed? It’s not lunchtime yet! Wait… it’s still dark out! There has to be something wrong if they are awake before the sun is out. Maybe they’re taking me for a walk! Why do they have those funny looking shirts on again? They have pants on too! They haven’t worn pants in a while. Something seems fishy… maybe I smell a cat; they like fish. Ugh I HATE cats.

It’s too early for my human and me to be up. Maybe I can get them to go back to bed. “I’m sorry, I’ve got to go to school now.” I feel like I’ve heard that word before… but it seems like such a long time ago. Where are they going? Why are they leaving our house? I better let them know I want them to stay. They’re not listening to me! I better go look and see what they’re doing. OH NO! THEY ARE GETTING IN THE CAR AND THEY FORGOT ME! COME BACK! They can’t hear me! I will just wait until they come get me. Maybe they are going to get me more treats.

It has been a VERY long time. My human left me a bone in my bed, but I ate it already. The sun has been out forever, and my human is still not home! Where are they? It seems like an eternity since I have had a walk. Oh no! There is a squirrel in my yard, but I can’t get the door open! I will yell at him until he goes away. Whew! He’s gone. Dog, I’m tired now. I better take a nap for a little bit so I can be awake when my human gets home.

“Hello? Where are you?” Am I dreaming? Has my human finally returned? It might be a burglar. I better wait a little bit. “Come here! I know you want a treat!” That is most definitely my human! Oh how I missed them! Please don’t leave me again! “I know, I’ve got to do this everyday now.” Oh dog, who invented this school thing?